Jen Byyny
Senior Director, Product Experience Design

Looker is a data-discovery app that provides an intuitive approach to data exploration and visualization. It is a web-based (SaaS) interface business users can utilize to tap into the expertise of their data analytics team. I am a Senior Product Design Lead at Looker. Looker is a tool that was originally built for analysts. In my role I advocate for the general (non-analyst) business user to leverage the power of Looker's platform with an intuitive and empowering interface.

UX for an in-app news stream concept with a collapsible right panel

Updated Login screen concepts that align with Looker's newer branding, style and tone

Updated customized home page design for customers

We updated the global navigation style and placement to accomodate dropdown menus that vary in length depending on customer-defined data models. We removed icons for a streamlined design and used verbs for each section name. We also made the 'Help' (live chat) option more prominent in the upper right. This has increased how much Help is used and has allowed us to better support and more frequently connect with our customers.

Mobile App design concept I presented at my first Hack day at Looker. I researched all the customer feedback GitHub issues that mentioned a request for a mobile app. I then highlighted those companies in a slide filled with their logos. An app is not part of Looker's plan but the message of the need to pay attention to Looker on mobile was heard. It resulted in immediate engineering attention and improvements on Looker's mobile web experience.

Updated Looker designs with a minimal color palette providing focus on data and clear feedback of view and edit modes.

New colors for data viz

App and Brand color evolution

New icon library

Sketch created to visualize how Looker internally refers to it's users

Updated dashboard and default data color palette

Dashboard design with edit query in page experience

Early design of new global search feature

New feature design for editing and filtering scheduled content