Have you felt brave lately?

We want the best for our children. We want to expose them to opportunities to grow, have self-confidence and courage. As adults we become more fearful of taking risks and therefore get too comfortable. We need to be challenged. We need adventures.

By rock-climbing, indoor sky-diving and jumping off high-dives among other adventures with your daughter, you will experience personal accomplishment while teaching your child we all can overcome our fears and enjoy the results on the other side of them.

To Do this You need Braver

Braver is an experiential educational program for young girls and their mentors to build courage and compassion within themselves by doing adventurous things.

Some of our adventures

  • Rock Climbing

    Auto Belay & Bouldering

  • Diving

    Jumping off a high dive

  • Improvisation

    Tell a story on stage

  • Trapeze

    Solo Flying

  • Diving

    Learn a back flip

  • Horse Jumping

    Trot, Canter & Small Jumps

Our Sponsors

Braver Stories

At the end of each Braver day our courageous ones publish blog posts about their experiences.
Check out some of their stories.

  • ALI

    Age 11

  • Prisha

    Age 9

  • Ava

    Age 5

  • Join Us!

Why do this?

Here are 7 reasons. Because you don't have time to plan these things. Because your daughter thinks you won't do these 
things. Be her hero, role model and teammate. Because you need more adventure in your life. Because your daughter and you will grow from these 
new experiences. Because your bucket list is long. Because you are getting too comfortable.

  • Do you dare

    You can tell yourself you'll do this sometime, or you can sign up and commmit to do it now.

  • Zoom in

    In that moment of fear you will test yourself in ways that make you uncomfortably grow.

  • Be the change

    Sharing your stories will spark desire in those around you to have the confidence you now have.

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